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Ervin and Melva Henderson are the founders and senior pastors of World Outreach & Bible Training Center Inc.  Since it began in 2006, World Outreach & Bible Training Center has grown and is known for its focus on leading people to an intimate relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ and training leaders for end time harvest work.

Ervin & Melva have a deep passion for winning, mending, developing disciples and sending them into the harvest fields of the world. They are the founders of World Bible Training Institute (WBTI), an accredited ministry training school that equips and launches individuals into full-time ministry careers. 

They are philanthropist who have founded several charitable outreaches including; The Milwaukee Give, an annual humanitarian effort, which to date has provided food to nearly 45,000 individuals in the impoverished areas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Ervin and Melva hosts Discipling the Nations television and radio broadcast a teaching ministry seen and heard by millions on The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), local and global satellite and Internet radio stations.

Ervin & Melva have been married for 23 years and have four children and three grandsons.

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