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David and Lei-Sa Anderson were joined in holy matrimony on July 7th, 2002 and will soon celebrate twenty years of marriage. They parent four beautiful, divinely unique daughters and one handsome son-in-love. They have six amazingly energetic grandchildren ranging from 16 to 2 years of age. They understand the insurmountable joys and the tremendous challenges that combining two families has and are reminded daily of the importance of stabilizing family foundations for the next generation and those to come. They consider themselves a very blended, blended family.


David and Lei-Sa admit to being perfect match, polar opposites who blend well together but had to allow God to heal the brokenness of their hearts. Enhancing their own marriage and developing a great family life in spite of life’s challenges, has always been a top priority for both of them. It’s only second to their belief that it is emphatically necessary to develop, maintain and grow an authentic relationship with God. This creates the grounding necessary for families to be successful long term. 


Pastors David and Lei-Sa were the Pastors of World Outreach Maricopa for ten years and are now the founders and Lead Pastors of Be Community Church. They are dedicated and called by God to build, strengthen, reunite and empower families within their community.  Because of their own experiences, special emphasis is placed on blending households. They recognize that the available practical resources currently do not meet the increasing demand as the number of these unique families is growing by 1300 daily. It’s their belief that every pastor has a responsibility to step in to offer help, healing and hope and to aid in navigating these families through unfamiliar territory onto the path of success . 


In addition to weekly family style services, they offer in person and online premarital, marital, family counseling to traditional, blended and foster families in Maricopa and the surrounding areas. They believe that every family is “blending” in some way and being the real life examples of love, family and redemption, best modeled by Christ HImself, will have lasting impact on the health of relationships in households, the community, the church and ultimately in the world.  



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